Who we are

Schaub Lorenz, is a German Iconic Brand, related to Technology, existing since 1880
The Brand owner globally, is Schaub Lorenz Intl GmbH, based in Vienna, Austria

Schaub Lorenz has an active presence, in many Product Categories, such as Consumer Electronics & Telecom, White Goods, Small Domestic Appliances, Seasonal etc. etc.

In recent years, the brand is registered in nearly 100 countries worldwide, has a network of existing Schaub Lorenz Distributors.

A unique network, of local Advisors (SL Ambassadors), addresses the particularities of each Market, in a flexible manner, without sacrificing the principles of the brand.

"Be familiar and distinguish yourself"

An old saying goes: Nothing is as constant in life as change. This statement is as valid for the consumer electronics field, as it is for the specialized trade and retail business, and as well for the individual consumer.

It becomes progressively more difficult to control the dynamics of the international markets. The pressure of competition is growing, the consumers are demanding the best at the lowest prices. Whoever has the wrong strategy today, will be history tomorrow.As an innovative company, we consider it as a part of our task to fulfil the changing needs of various markets - with flexible strategies and product ranges.

With the brand Schaub Lorenz, we, Schaub Lorenz International GmbH, offer a complete concept in Brown and White goods, suitable for a variety of countries and markets. The Schaub Lorenz product range offers exceptional design with highest technical standards at superb prices. Above all it constitutes an inspiring concept.

Schaub Lorenz International GmbH is marketing the Schaub Lorenz brand internationally. We offer the Schaub Lorenz opportunity to all experienced distributors in new markets, who are ready to share our vision and benefits:

Complete and flexible Brown and White goods portfolio
Real control of the market - for each distributor
Realistic opportunity for attractive margins

A brand which radiates power and resonance, which is familiar and still uniquely different in its market segment. Schaub Lorenz.

Yours , Christian Blumberger
Managing Director Schaub Lorenz International GmbH